Training Resources Management Foundation

About TRMF

Training Resource Management Foundation (TRMF) was conceptualized by the Founder in 2012 while serving as Board Chaiman of COMPASS Training Center, but its implementation was shelved due to lack of funds.

The main idea is for TRMF to partner with maritime stakeholders employing the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with an ultimate goal of helping the industry sustain an ample supply of qualified and competent graduates and open up opportunities for deserving students particularly those who belong to poor families and lack the means to penetrate the entry criteria of shipowners, manning agents and ship operators.

Now in the presence of COMPMAN, the Founder was able to start the project. TRMF is eyeing on helping partner schools improve their deployment percentage and comply with the Administration requirements.

Dakila P. Villanueva
COMPASS President


A well experience Maritime Training Professional and the core of COMPASS success in the business. He also is the current President of C-Nergy International, a property development firm that owns major training assets being utilized by COMPASS

Romeo C. Luzuriaga
President and Founder

A dedicated technically skilled, and highly trained maritime business professional with a versatile technical and project support skill set developed through experience as a Chief Marine Engineer, Maintenance & Repair Superintendent, Thermal Power Plant Engineer, Technical Superintendent, Quality Management Representative (QMR), Management Systems Consultant,. Competence Manager.
Served as Board Chairman of COMPASS from 2009 t0 2013, currently serving as President and CEO of COMPMAN

Danilo A. Catindoy
Project Manager

A Licensed Maritime Professional with excellent records as Chief Engineer, Technical Superintendent, Crew Manager, Accredited Assessor and Training Director. Also served as the President of Profound Master Training Center.