Putting Things Together in Developing Capabilities
Our Primary Purpose
Employing the basic concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), partners with industry stakeholders in providing assistance and guidance to students and graduates for their On the Job Training (OJT) and Career Enhancement Training with an aim to help attain a sustainable supply of competent Sea Personnel.

Partner with CHED and/or MARINA accredited schools and conduct selection of Cadets.
1) Basic knowledge related to Math, Science, English and Behavior.
2) Professional Knowledge in reference to STCW table of competence.
Training Management

Partner with Training Centers for a well discounted fees utilizing vacant seats.
"Training Now Pay Later" scheme for deserving students.
"FREE" for students coming from poor families.

Partner with Employers, Agencies, Ship Owners and Managers as takers of Students for Apprenticeship and eventual Employment.
Partner with Charitable Organizations and Financial Institutions to provide assistance in lowering the cost of Training and Apprenticeship Program.
To be an ideal foundation in education and training management that contributes to the sustainable career development of students in producing globally competitive seafarers.
1. To establish partnership with Maritime Education and Training Institutions (MTCI) in developing systems which may include curriculum improvement, compliance to requirements and its alignment to competence objectives.
2. To develop and implement an approved e-learning methodology in partnership with maritime schools and other organizations.
3. To establish cooperation with maritime stakeholders in improving competence of their cadets and seafarers by developing systems for assessment, structured on board training, and preparation for promotion.
4. To assist students, within the limits of TRMF resources, in developing their career.
5. To provide comprehensive review and theoretical assessment within the premise of partner schools and manning companies.
6. To partner with training centers in order to come up with affordable fees for students in complying with their documentary requirements.
7. To register willing Cadets and Seafarers as Foundation benefactors and issue membership cards in order for them to avail future discounts and benefits on training and deployment.
8. To further contribute to the governments poverty-alleviation program and to fund its own scholarship scheme with the help stakeholders through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.
Our Objectives
The primary objective of TRMF is to provide support and assistance in the career development of seafarers and establish cooperation with maritime stakeholders through advancement of education, employment skills development and digitalization. The ultimate goal is to help the maritime industry sustain an ample supply of qualified and competent seafarers and open up opportunities for deserving maritime students particularly those who belong to poor families. TRMF will also focus in helping partner schools and other organizations improve their compliance for a structured Education and Onboard Training.
TRMF - COMPMAN, 12F G. E. Antonino Bldg., T. M. Kalaw Avenue and J. Bocobo Street, Ermita 1000, Manila Philippines Secretariat: 0919 067 3052 E-mail: [email protected] www.trmfoundation.com